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In the bustling yacht brokerage industry, establishing a commanding online presence is vital for brokers determined to boost their sales, attract more clients, and increase their listings. Our comprehensive services include advanced search engine optimization, precisely targeted Google Ads, innovative social media campaigns, strategic sales funnels, and effective email marketing solutions.

Our team, comprised of seasoned marketers and avid boaters, possesses an intricate understanding of the yacht sales market’s dynamics. We are dedicated to enhancing your brokerage’s visibility and engaging potential buyers with compelling digital campaigns. By focusing on optimizing sales funnels to smoothly guide customer interactions from initial contact to final sale, and generating high-quality leads through strategic email communications, we empower your brokerage to excel in a competitive environment.

Top 4 Must-Haves to Boost Your Yacht & Boat Brokerage Online

Every Brokerage Should Use These Strategies to Enhance Online Sales

1. Branded High-Quality Image Ads on Yacht-Specific Websites

Placing image-based Google Ads on specialized platforms like Yacht World and Boat Trader can significantly increase the visibility of your brokerage. These websites attract audiences already interested in purchasing yachts, ensuring your ads are seen by potential buyers right at the moment of interest. By showcasing high-quality images and compelling ad copy, you can capture the attention of serious buyers and drive traffic directly to your brokerage's website. Learn More.

2. Social Media Ads That Ignite Buyer Interest

Social media platforms offer powerful tools to target and engage potential buyers. By creating ads that ignite the imagination of boaters - targeting users who have shown interest in yachting websites or follow specific boat brands on social media - you can reach a highly engaged audience. These ads not only attract attention with stunning visuals and inspiring messages but also encourage viewers to dream big, increasing the likelihood they'll pursue a purchase. Learn More.

3. Email Marketing to Maintain and Amplify Interest

Email marketing is crucial for keeping your brokerage at the forefront of potential buyers' minds. Through regular updates featuring new listings, compelling narratives about the yachting lifestyle, and personalized communications, you can maintain and even amplify buyer interest. Effective email marketing keeps the dream alive and growing, increasing the urgency and desire to make a purchase. Learn More.

4. Optimized Sales Funnel to Guide the Buyer Journey

An effective sales funnel is essential for converting interest into sales. Starting from the initial ad or contact point, you should guide potential buyers through a well-structured journey that gradually increases their engagement and commitment. This involves detailed landing pages, targeted follow-ups, personalized tours, and strategic closing practices that make the purchasing process as smooth and irresistible as possible. Learn More.

Case Study

Mikelson Yachts

Mikelson Yachts is renowned for its luxurious, high-quality sportfishers, each crafted with unparalleled craftsmanship and the latest technology. 

Known for their robust performance in numerous fishing tournaments, these yachts are designed to bring together family and friends for unforgettable adventures. With exceptional fuel capacity exceeding that of traditional East Coast builders, Mikelson Yachts invite you to explore distant waters from Catalina to Mexico. 

2.6 million Social Media Impressions

200% increase in Email Communication

84.19% Website Engagement Rate from Ads

40.4k Website Visitors in 12 Months

Primary Objective

Portside Social Club partnered with Mikelson Yachts to enhance their online visibility and sales through a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, focusing on Paid Social Ads, Google Ads, Email Campaigns, and a full Website Redevelopment. Our goal was to significantly improve lead generation and sales conversions.

The Challenges

Mikelson Yachts, known for their luxurious and high-ticket items, faced unique marketing challenges. With new boats priced starting at $1.5 million and preowned vessels around $500k, the high cost significantly narrowed the target audience, requiring precise and effective marketing strategies. Prior to our partnership, Mikelson had no experience with advertising on digital platforms such as Google or Social Media, which limited their visibility and reach in a highly competitive market.

Additionally, their email marketing efforts were rudimentary, consisting only of basic broker emails sent sporadically, about once a month, with information on currently available boats. This infrequent and untargeted approach failed to engage potential buyers effectively or nurture leads, further impeding their sales process. These challenges necessitated a sophisticated and integrated approach to digital marketing to elevate their brand presence and drive meaningful engagement with potential buyers.

Our Solution

To address the challenges faced by Mikelson Yachts and capitalize on their market potential, Portside Social Club implemented a multi-faceted digital marketing strategy:

1. Website Redesign: We overhauled the Mikelson Yachts website to enhance its aesthetic appeal and user experience. The new design is not only attractive and fast but also features a brokerage page that mimics the layout of Yachtworld. This familiar format makes it intuitive for seasoned boat browsers, facilitating easier navigation and interaction.

2. Social Media Advertising: We launched visually striking social media campaigns that highlighted the elegance and sophistication of the Mikelson 43, along with opportunities for free sea trials and a selection of handpicked pre-owned boats. Targeting was meticulously planned to reach affluent individuals in the top 15% of income earners in the USA, who are likely to engage in frequent travel, enjoy expensive wines, and use private jets. The ads were specifically aimed at followers of luxury boat brands like Grand Banks and Viking, ensuring we reached a highly relevant and interested audience.

3. Google Advertising: Our Google Ads strategy focused on building brand awareness and driving interest. Ads detailed the Mikelson brand ethos, the utility of their boats, and targeted potential boat owners and enthusiasts searching for boats online. We also targeted visitors to major boating websites like YachtWorld and Boats.com, with branded imagery displayed across websites these users frequent, ensuring consistent visibility and engagement.

4. Enhanced Email Marketing: We revitalized Mikelson’s email marketing strategy to be more engaging and frequent, incorporating stunning visuals, stories about the brand’s history, and information on upcoming events. This approach helped to build a stronger connection with potential customers by consistently delivering content that resonates with their interests and lifestyle.

5. Optimized Lead Generation Tools: The redesigned website now includes multiple contact options and lead forms, as well as click-to-call and direct email functionalities. These improvements make it significantly easier for potential customers to initiate contact, request more information, or express interest in Mikelson Yachts, streamlining the lead generation process.

Overall Conclusion

The comprehensive digital marketing strategies deployed by Portside Social Club for Mikelson Yachts have produced significant and measurable results. Through targeted enhancements to their website, social media, Google Ads, and email communications, we aimed to revolutionize Mikelson Yachts’ digital presence and marketing efficiency.

The campaigns led to impressive outcomes:

  • 2.6 Million Social Media Impressions: Our social media campaigns significantly increased brand visibility and engagement, reaching millions of potential customers.

  • 200% Increase in Email Communication: By revitalizing the email marketing strategy, we more than doubled the frequency and effectiveness of communications, keeping potential buyers engaged and informed.

  • 84.19% Website Engagement Rate from Ads: The targeted ad campaigns drove a high engagement rate, indicating that the content resonated well with the audience and effectively attracted their interest.

  • 40.4k Website Visitors in 12 Months: The enhanced digital presence and strategic advertising resulted in a substantial increase in website traffic, demonstrating successful lead generation and interest in Mikelson Yachts.

These achievements not only demonstrate the effectiveness of the targeted marketing approach but also underscore the value of strategic campaign management provided by Portside Social Club, ultimately driving significant business growth for Mikelson Yachts.

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Our focus extends beyond simple lead generation; we excel at converting leads into bookings. Our data-driven strategies, customized content, and persuasive techniques are crafted to maximize the success of your charter business.

With targeted approaches and engaging content, we transform potential leads into repeat customers, boosting your brand's growth. Experience the shift as your charter service not only attracts new clients but also converts them into sustained revenue.